Freelancing – The Danger Zone


So, when I think of the “Danger Zone” immediately my brain goes to Maverick and Mother Goose, F-14 Tomcats, aerial dog fights and well… beach volleyball.

The “Danger Zone” is exciting and furious, it gets your blood heated and your heart beating faster. It’s that moment where sometimes the phrases “Oh Shit”, “Oh, Dear God” or “What the Hell am I Doing?” come to mind. Yeah, hopefully you all have had that experience once or twice… or maybe more. It’s liberating, it’s fierce, AND it’s totally worth exploring.

OK, Cool, and how does this apply to design, art, freelancing – or anything for that matter?

Well, it does, for me at least. I think everyone should have a “Danger Zone” That place where we break out of our own comfort. Where we are compelled to believe in ourselves, trust in our own instincts when the circumstances seem to outnumber us or we just feel overwhelmed by our own insecurities.

As a graphic artist, lettering artist or designer the biggest fears I have are hitting the submit button, asking for opinions, putting myself out there to be judged by all, and OMG, seeking out new clients. I used to think I was part of a very small, doubt inflicted, self conscious group. I know better now, I know that feeling of self doubt and questioning is rampant. It plays out in all of us to some extent. Kudos to those who step up, go beyond that and make your dreams happen.

My goal these days is to challenge that fear and make my dreams my reality. Fly full on into the “Danger Zone”, risk my feelings getting hurt, or having to learn how to look at my work from a different perspective or even being rejected all together. It’s ok. It’s scary but doable.

I feel this inertia within that I know will propel me to be greater, to be unique, to question every question and have a retort for every doubt. It’s a process, that I do understand, and it takes commitment, and drive, motivation and desire. I have all those. My strengths are in my mind and in my heart!

For all the artists, writers, musicians and freelancers out there take a moment and look into the lives of those before us. Those that have flown full force into the “Danger Zone” and came out successful and victorious!!

Tell me what your “Danger Zone” is —

With that being said… “Headin’ into twighlight… spreadin’ out her wings tonight…
                                                           Gonna take it right into the Danger Zone”
                                                                                             – courtesy of Kenny Loggins 🙂

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